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Residential Seminar 8 April – 10 April 2011

Dr James Burty David Recreational Centre, Point aux Sables

1 Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Mauritius Marathi Mandali Federation on the occasion of the Shivajee/ Maharashtra Day.

On 23 may, the function was held in great pomp in the presence of the Hon Prime Minister at the Swami Vivekananda Conference Centre, Pailles. The Kaala Ranga Dhaara, a ballet conceived by Mrs Priya Mulloo was presented on that occasion where around 200 artists from various organisations performed to depict the life of Shivaji Maharaj. The show was a magnificent success. Mr Pandurang Sankhar Gurav from India showed his talent as a tutari player. 

2      Courses in the following fields :
(i)     Vocal
(ii)    Harmonium
(iii)   Tabla
(iv)   Dance
(v)    Maharashtrian Cuisine

(i) The Centre in collaboration with the Federation launched the table courses. Tabla Courses provided by Mr Hinge and started in March 2010 are being run at the Maharashtra Bhawan, Montagne Blanche, La Gaulette, Shri Marathi Dharmic Sabha and Mare d’Albert. Initially about 100 entries were received. A certificate of attendance would be provided to participants at the end of the one year course.

(ii) For the other instruments, the Culture Sub-committee was requested to look for resource persons.

(iii) A DVD on Maharashtrian Cuisine was launched. Mrs Hinge gave the demonstration of some dishes.

(iv) Mrs Hinge would conduct demonstrations in those zones.

(v) it was decided to produce an Audio CD with 10 songs by local artists.

(vi) it was also decided to produce a documentary film on the Marathi settlements in Mauritius ‘our roots’.

(vii) it is envisaged to introduce new courses such as yoga, rangoli, dhoti wearing for boys, and kashti wearing for girls.


Competition at Primary Level :
(i)    Drama
(ii)   Song
(iii)  Dance
(iv)  Painting
(v)   Poem


This is a regular feature in our primary schools. During the celebration of Shivaji Jayanti, paintings of students were exhibited.

Competition at Secondary level : One-Act Play writing.


This is also done at the Bhawan.

Organize more gatherings among youth (seminar, dancing, parties…)


Hiking and Dance party have become an annual event since 2008. Essay competition was organized in April 2010. Indoor games were organized in April 2010.
 6 • 02 November Celebration – Arrival of indentured labourers.
• Tracing our roots

(i) To commemorate the Arrival of Marathi immigrants, an exposition was held on 5th October 2009 at the Maharashtra Bhawan with the participation of Officers of the Aapravasi Ghat Trust Fund. Talks on Marathi immigrants were also delivered by Messrs Anand Mulloo and Babooram Mahadoo.

(ii) A symposium on Pandit Sahadeo was organised on 23 October 2009 to pay tribute to late Pandit Sahadeo. The talk was delivered by late Dr James Burty David.

(ii) it was also decided to place a stele at the place where the first Marathi people settled in Mauritius.

(iii) An Oral history project on Marathi immigrants and their settlements was submitted by Ms Soneea and Mr Vikram Guran. A copy of the project would be sent to the Ministry of Arts and Culture to secure financing. The project would provide our youth with a clear picture of our cultures and traditions. Research would be carried out in villages where Marathi people were settled upon their arrivals.



Organise more gatherings among Marathis.

(i) A Sports and Family Day was held on Sunday 6 December 2009.

(ii) A Prize Giving Ceremony was held on Sunday 25 July 2010 at the Bhawan to reward the best ranked 2009 CPE, SC and HSC students.



Encourage local artists to write drama scripts.


The Ministry of Arts and Culture provided a training on this.


Marathi Films and Serials – to consider the possibility of producing Marathi films and serials locally with the MBC.


Discussions are held with MBC on this project. The MBC has agreed to train our members to become professional cameramen.


Launching of a new Website for the Marathi Cultural Centre Trust.

A new website was launched by the Hon Prime Minister on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturti on 23 August 2009. The Trust benefitted from the assistance of Mr Vyankoj Mulloo of the National Computer Board and Mr A. Gorrappa.



Formation of Pandits/ Panditayis.


The Federation in collaboration with the Centre launched a course for Pandits since 16 March 2010. The course is being conducted under the supervision of the Official Priest of the Federation, Mahadoo.


More Local Marathi Programmes on MBC/ TV – insufficient coverage of the MBC on the activities of the Trust.


(i) A professional camera had been purchased from Singapore to cover activities of the Trust. The first coverage was done during the celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi on 23 August 2009.

(ii) During the celebration of divali, a short programme was telecast on a Wednesday. The programme comprised a Ganesh vandana by Mr Sonah Durmea and songs interpreted by Mr P. Hinge and Mr S. Dhurmea. Mrs Bappoo talked on the Marathi Cultural Centre Trust and Mrs Dhurmeea recited a poem.



Presentation of the design of the 2nd Phase of the Maharashtra Bhawan.


Fund raising is in process and construction would start soon.



Compilation of songs by Mauritian singers and launch a CD.


This is in process. Two associations launched CDs.


Editorial team for newsletters.


A newsletter was prepared by Mr M. Pittea and his team and launched during the Guddi Padwa celebration in March 2010.


Ganesh Chaturthi for Marathi Community.

(i) For the first time, the Ganesh Chaturthi at National level was celebrated through activities held on 8 consecutive days, in collaboration with the Mauritius Marathi Mandali Federation. This culminated with the emersion ceremony on Sunday 29 August 2009. During the celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi at national level, a cultural troupe from Maharashtra came to Mauritius to participate in the event.

(ii) The cultural programme for the celebration of the Ganesh Chaturthi 2010 comprise a one medley show more or less similar to the one organized for the Maharashtra/ Shivaji Day.



Mock exams for students of SC and HSC in Marathi language.

An Assessment cum Evaluation exercise was carried out for students sitting for the SC and HSC Exams in Marathi in 2009. The mock exams were carried out on Saturday 26 September at Dr Maurice Cure SSS Vacoas and on Sunday 27 September 2009 at the Bhawan. There were 33 candidates for SC and 10 candidates for HSC.


Adult courses in Marathi.

Sahitya Parishad organized an adult course last year.


Same syllabus for exams by Marathi Sahitya Parishad and Maratha Mandir.

This is in process and in discussions.


More accountability of public funds.

(i) It was decided that the Marathi Trust would submit not only financial Programme Based Budget (PBB) but also non-financial PBB.

(ii) Mr Vinoba Gunnoo, Accountant has agreed financial statements for the past 6 financial years as from 2005/06 at no cost.


Organization of Gondhal.

Gondhal was organised jointly with the Federation on 22 September 2009.


Marathi Song Competition.

(i) For two consecutive years, the Centre sponsored the Palna Song Competition organized by the Marathi Stree Mandal at MGI on 14 November 2009 and 18 April 2010. The last event was recorded in a DVD and distributed to all Associations.

(ii) MBC organized Swar Sarita in 2009 and a song competition last year.


Promotion of the Marathi culture.

(i) In collaboration with the Federation, the Centre organized the Music Day on 2 June 2009 at the seat of the Bhawan.

(ii) Participation of the Shri Marathi Dharmic Sabha in the ‘Festival Morisien’ to depict the various cultural aspects of the Marathi community. This festival was held on 5 to 7 March 2010 at the Municipality of Quatre Bornes.(iii) the Centre sponsored the celebration of the Jhansi Day on Sunday 1st August 2010 organised by the Mauritius Marathi Stree Mandal. (iv) the MBC/TV launched a new channel on Marathi - SAHYADRI.


Future projects.

(i) to produce a DVD on the making of Lord Ganesh Statue
(ii) vraat poornima
(iii) boat Festivals
(iv) Das Avatar


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